It's Cam Munster time

Social media suggests Cam Munster wasn't too wild last night, just a couple of drinks perhaps?

That might be a good thing, or perhaps not, not sure.

Either way, 2021 is Cam Munster time.

I'm talking Dally M medal type stuff.

He's been the Dally M five-eight of the year in 2018 & 2019 - but I reckon he'll get the top gong in 2021.

I know origin is reverting back to the traditional mid-season series, meaning Munster will miss a couple of matches, but everyone else who is likely in contention will be in the same boat - right?

The other big thing is, he presumably doesn't have Cameron Smith pinching votes from his this year.

Ironically, the fly in the ointment might be Smith himself, say he lobbed up in the Gold Coast and pulled off another stellar year - he'd poll well again no doubt.

That said, Munster will still have some stiff competition from his own team, particularly in Ryan Papenhuyzen and Harry Grant.

But the back end of Munster's 2020 was a good as rugby league I've seen.

I'm talking Jarryd Hayne in 2009, yes the Hayne Plane, credit where credit is due, Hayne picked up that Parramatta side and put them on his back for the best part of half season + finals.

Without Hayne, they don't play finals and certainly don't make it to the big dance.

Munster was in that sort of rare form.

I couldn't find a market to have a little long range wager on Munster to win the Dally M in 2021, presumably he'd be fairly short in the market, if not the favourite.

But all things being equal, we pray the guy doesn't get injured, he will be very hard to beat in 2021 should he bring the same form he showed post-COVID.

Could you imagine the celebrations if QLD won the origin, Cam Munster wins the Dally M and the Storm go back-to-back.

Byron Bay will not know what hit them!

71 days, or thereabouts until Round 1 - but who's counting!?

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