It's been a fairly quiet week @ St George

How about the Dragons this week?

More headlines than Kyle Sandilands.

Let's take stock.

Early in the week they lost Cameron McInnes after he signed with the Sharks for season 2021 and beyond.


Then the really big news.

Israel Folau back in rugby league? First we got excited, then every one took a breath and realised we probably didn't want Izzy back in the game.

I think opinion is divided on that one - I would have liked to have seen Folau back playing NRL.

Anyways, that was quickly poo-poo'd, the Dragons announcing they had been interested in Folau but those discussions had now ceased.

Anthony Griffin has certainly got his work cut out for him, here's what he said 4 months ago about rebuilding the club.

While all this has been going on, there's speculation left, right & centre that Griffin is likely to not have either one or both of Ben Hunt & Corey Norman in his starting line up.

Combined, those two blokes earn about $2m per season - that's a fair chunk of change to have sitting on the sidelines.

Surely Hunt plays hooker? Norman might not be so lucky.

All the while, with everything going on, everyone's screaming and shouting that the Dragons are a good bet for the wooden spoon.

Hey everyone, calm down.

It's not even Round 1.

I have one big great hope for Anthony Griffin and the big Red V in 2021 - a fit and firing Jack Bird, that'd be nice to see.

At his best, this guy is a freak - let's hope he can reclaim his best form, whether that's at centre or five-eight, I don't know.

But jeez, what a week - never a dull moment.

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