It's a 4-day weekend

Bad weekend to be a beer - am I right?

Weather is good, the beers will be flowing and we've got funds in the old PlayUp account.

What more could a man want?

The ultimate dilemma is of course the fact that Australia Day is on Tuesday and we're meant to get rat shit drunk and then lob up for work on Wednesday.

Tough one - I am sure common sense will prevail and everyone will stop drinking at 2-3am to be fresh for the Wednesday grind.

The thing that really shits me is all this stuff to do with Cricket Australia now acknowledging the name 'Australia Day'.

If you've missed it - all the promotion around the Australia Day game will refer to the date as 'January 26'.


Next we will be changing ANZAC Day if the biscuits complain or perhaps Boxing Day will become something else?

I agree with ScoMo.

Anyways, stay focused Ben.

Probably the only thing missing this weekend is a shit tonne of sport - there's BBL on - it's getting a bit long in the tooth but seems to be going a bit better than last year.

The big thing will be the racing on Saturday, 5-6 hours in the chair investing on all the best bets from the Inside Feed crew and maybe it's a game of golf for Sunday - that might be the way to go I reckon.

How many sickies will be taken on Monday?

If you're genuinely sick on Monday, you're going to cop it from the boss, no one will believe for one moment you're not in the midst of a 4 day bender.

Enjoy the long weekend, there's basically no work until Wednesday!

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