Is Yoga a low hanging fruit for golfers...?

I have loved golf since I was 12, it’s brought constant joy, sportsmanship and camaraderie in the last 28 footy seasons to myself and my family.

I am not sure if anyone reading has ever lost a friend to yoga, however its one of the toughest things to see someone go through. I remember when I lost my good friend Daniel to yoga, it felt so raw and so emotional, I had to take time off work. He was ringing me wearing gypsy pants on a Tuesday morning, telling me his spiritual guidance animal was released after doing a cow face pose. Originally, I thought his mental health had fully tipped over at first, when he was fish posing and ploughing like a 4th year apprentice. Little did I know that Jason Day and many of the pro golfers around the world are using yoga to grow their golf game and mental strength.

I went to a bikram yoga session last Christmas and its safe to say the gentleman’s 125kg festively plump rig didn’t cope well with the heat or the 30-1 women to men ratio. It’s an old fashion untapped resource. Come the end of the session, I just slumped over and cried a little unaware of what had happened in the last hour. Was I some sort of Yogi? Did I really just become my spiritual animal? I had to pull over on the side of the road about 1.5kms away from the class, I was in tatters, in more trouble than Rolf Harris, nothing in my body was working and I was crying about a show I had seen on rescue dogs who couldn’t find homes that I had watched 12 months before.

I raced home and sat on the deck quietly, I held my 7-iron in my palm. It felt like I was waiting at the gates for grade 1, no fear, and happy that Mrs Harris wasn’t my teacher until grade 2 as she had form against my neighbour Adam.

Maybe call me old fashion, but I think yoga is now a part of me. I will never talk about this in public again I told myself, unless I get divorced, then I am going daily to bikram yoga.

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