Is it just me, or is tennis a bit boring without Nick Kyrgios...?

Don't be alarmed, but the French Open is on right now.

Oh yeah, couple of weeks ago, they played the US Open as well. Did you miss that? Most people did.

Novak Djokovic got defaulted for hitting a linesman in the head with a stray ball.

No bullshit, that actually happened.

Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Nick Kyrgios, among others, all missed the US Open. Roger is injured, whilst Rafa, who was the reigning champion at Flushing Meadows decided to bypass it due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Rafa is now playing the French Open, a tournament he has won 12 times. Ridiculous.

Aussie Nick Kyrgios didn't play the US Open and he's also missing from the French. In fact, Kyrgios is unsure of whether he'll play again in 2020 with his schedule currently not confirmed. That might mean that Kyrgios's next tournament will be sometime during the Australian summer of tennis.

What we've seen in 2020 is a different side to Kyrgios, it's one we've all fallen in love with, well most of us at least.

It goes without saying that 2020 has been an absolute shocker for most, but it was Kyrgios who championed the unprecedented fundraising for Australian Bushfire Relief back in January. He led from the front, raising almost $100,000 for the aces he hit during the Aussie summer. His personal contribution was outstanding, but it generated a much larger fundraising effort across tennis and the wider sporting community.

Remember the rally for relief? It raised just on $5m.

Kyrgios also hasn't been short on comment with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic. He's had a number of public stoushes with a number of the world's best players, for what Kyrgios' believes is their clean lack of understanding and regard for the seriousness of the COVID problem.

Novak Djokovic, Alexander Zverev and even Boris Becker, they've all been in the firing line..

In many ways, Kyrgios has become the voice of reason. Who would have thought?

On the court, we've all seen how he plays the game. It isn't always PG viewing, but it certainly is always entertaining. Put simply, Nick Kyrgios is box office.

His match with Nadal at the 2020 Australian Open bought in 1.87m viewers, to my knowledge, that's still the most watched show in Australia this year. Kyrgios packs arenas and often divides opinion, but now that we've seen the other side to Nick Kyrgios, I think we're all prepared to put up with some of his antics.

I am only seeing bits and pieces of the French Open and I didn't really tune in for the US Open either. If Nick were there entertaining me and drawing me in to each and every point, I'd be staying up late to make sure I didn't miss a shot.

I wouldn't mind having a hit and maybe a beer with Krygios one day, that'd be nice.


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