Is Greg Norman coaching Reece Hodge?

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Not confirmed, but I believe Greg Norman might be coaching Reece Hodge.

Ahhh, we laugh.

Obviously we're just having a bit of fun because poor old Reece Hodge has had 3 opportunities to kick Australia to victory in the Tri-Nations and he's missed them all.

Norman, the Great White Shark, well he was of course infamous for a bit of a choke himself.

Australia and Argentina draw after Hodge has the opportunity to ice it with minutes remaining.

Sound familiar? It was a fairly shit house match to be fair.

The poor bloke is such a good goal kicker, the irony is that the Wallabies probably lose 2 of those 3 games if Hodge isn't drilling penalty kicks from far and wide.

Here's last night's hard watch...

So the post-game narrative has been that Hodgey has missed a couple of kicks, but let's be honest, he's been pretty bloody good all Tri-Nations both off the tee and in general play.

He's played just about every position in the backline at one point or another, I am surprised he hasn't jumped in at scrum half.

I went on social media last night just to make sure there wasn't too much hate going against Hodge and as per usual, the peanut galley were in full force taking stupid pot shots at the bloke.

If I am Reece Hodge right now, I am cuddling up to a beer, booking a flight to Gold Coast Airport and heading to Byron for a week or two. Being from Melbourne, he might know Cameron Munster, I am sure he is still there partying.

We'll have a full Wallabies season in review at some point this week, I just need to get over this hangover and we'll get on to it.

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