Is anyone interested in this fight?

Paul Gallen vs Lucas Browne.

Who is Lucas Browne you ask. Yeah, not sure.

They're doing their best to promote this thing which is set for decision on April 21, but fuck me, does anyone give two shits?

Here's a bit of the 'action' from the press conference today.

The fake smack talk going on is hard to watch.

If you didn't watch that, Gallen said that Browne had developed some 'bitch tits', wowee, take it easy Gal!

Gallen has openly expressed his ambition, or lack of, when it comes to boxing.

He's a prize fighter, he's got no interest in doing much else other than cashing some cheques and looking after his family.

And good luck to him.

Nothing wrong with that.

But interest levels in this one are around a 2/10. Which might be generous.

The better fight might be Gal Vs Nate Myles.

Remember when those two went toe-to-toe in State of Origin, here watch this one, this'll cheer you up if you've had a bad day.

That's what we need, this fake hatred BS that's going on between Gallen and Browne is just tough to watch.

Browne is a former world title holder, it wasn't the WBA or anything as Paul Gallen points out, but it was something.

So little is my interest in this fight that I failed to do the appropriate research on that.

I presume they'll ask for something like $50 for this on Main Event - no thanks.

The only thing for sure is that the whole of QLD will be backing Browney.

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