International Racing Feed, Vol 8.

Graveyard Shift

Cape Gentleman saluted like the gentleman he is last week, albeit at shorter odds than when first posted.

Now I’m looking to put up back-to-back winners for the first time and the races today are about as exciting as a Tuesday dinner at Grandma’s. Probably less so in fact, at least at Grandma’s you might brush past that second cousin you always had weird feelings about.

Despite the crushing boredom there’s a fix for the post-Pikey comedown when Zoffee goes around in the third at Doncaster at 00:55AEST.

We’ll weighted and the trip and track should suit. He’ll be up against a couple of handy beasts but he’s $5.00 which keeps things interesting for those sitting up into the wee small hours.

Do widzenia.

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