International Racing Feed, Vol 5.

The commandments are more like guidelines

With racing non-existent or off dreadful quality, the eye wanders to the Premier League markets…

An unknown 11th commandment passed to Moses on Mt Sinai reads: Thou shall not bet on the early kickoff. The horror stories of multis ruined and general bizarre results are myriad. But like anyone who takes a Berlusconi-style approach to fidelity, it’s the risk than turns me on.

Liverpool will beat Leicester in the early Premier League game (21:30AEST KO) today, possibly by a lot. At time of writing Liverpool are paying $2.10 to win in most places which seems generous given their longer rest between games, Leicester’s key injured defender, and Liverpool’s penetrative attack.

I have availed myself of some of that value and think anything bigger than $2.00 is worth getting on.

For those who want to push the envelope further. The same-game multi of choice is to double-up Liverpool to win and to score over 2.5+ goals in doing so. It’s easy to see them sticking at least three past Leicester and the $4.33 available is plenty good enough for me.


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