International Racing Feed, Vol 2.

Pick your post-Pike poison punters – the blue pill or the red pill?


Paul Nicolls could currently train a Shetland Pony to jump a fence and he saddles two likely favourites that look like good things. Yala Enki runs in the fourth at Taunton (00:10AEST) and Politologue will line up in the Group 1 sixth at Ascot (01:35AEST).

Here’s him making them look silly on his last run, also in a Group 1!

Doubling them up should yield about $4.00-$4.50 with our good friends @ PlayUp!

The blue pills are good. I’ve taken them before. You know exactly what you’re getting and even if they don’t blow your mind, you’ll get a good run for your money.


Unchartered territory.

This pill could be a dud and leave you wishing you’d picked the blue one or hadn’t spent that $20 at all.

Or it could have you dancing like Peter Garrett until lunchtime tomorrow.

If you take the plunge, race five at Ascot (01:00AEST) is your target. Domaine De L’Isle won this race last year and if it keeps raining his chances will only get better. He beat current favourite Bennys King that day and although he’s been rusty of late, he’s worth a dart at $15 and bigger.

Of course, you could take both pills. In which case, if old red delivers, you’ll make it to work dazed and confused sometime on Tuesday.


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