Inside Feed Update

You might be thinking what's going on with Inside Feed at the moment?

I'm here to let you know what's up.

We're not going anywhere, we've just got some other work going on at the moment which we're balls deep in that's taking up a bit of time.

We'll still be blogging.

We'll still be podcasting.

We'll still be punting.

We'll still be making bank (sometimes).

We just might be doing a bit less in the short term.

We've got some big plans for what we're going to do, the work we're doing outside of Inside Feed right now is helping us get to that point.

We'll be buying race horses.

We'll be playing a lot of golf.

We'll be helping people.

Thanks to our readers and followers for the continued support, including Phil Mickelson who was in touch this week after this major victory.

He's such a joker.

Go Broncos.

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