Inside Feed NRL Tipping Comp

We're launching a ginormous tipping comp for the 2021 NRL Season.

This tipping comp could well be the biggest tipping comp in the world.

That may not be factual, but we will see how we go.

So what's it look like and how do you get involved?

We are going to set up a registration form on our website and we will find the best & easiest tipping platform out there to host our competition.

It'll be $20 to register, we will put that all into a pool and work out the prizes + weekly giveaways.

We're going to cap it 1,000 people, it's enough to be big, but not too big to make you think that you don't have a chance of winning it all!

That's $20,000 to play with, we'll give half of that to the winner.

Second $5,000, third maybe $3,000 and $1,000 for last? The other $1,000 will cover the weekly prize pool.

What do we think?

If we get to that sort of size, we will be able to get on board some brand partners and offer some additional weekly prizes perhaps - in addition to the cash that will be up for grabs.

We'll make it happen - I am getting started on it now.

More to come soon.

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