Inside Feed @ Noosa

Time for a bit of R & R and a holiday.

This weekend some of the Inside Feed crew are just going to let the hair down a little bit and enjoy some time up @ Noosa.

There will be plenty of sun, sand & surf and a thousand drinks every night.

Thinking we might just ease into it on Thursday, do some jet skiing and hit the beach on Friday and then Saturday, well Saturday will be all about plonking ourselves in front of the ginormous plasmas at the surf club and having a good old fashioned punt with the company of copious jugs of beer, the lovely Noosa folk and the view of the Noosa Main Beach.

Ahhhh, what more could a man ask for.

Well, some winners would be really good.

We'll probably bet on PlayUp, but if we decide to do the old fashioned cash into the TAB machine, then the Noosa Surf Club may run out of cash on Saturday.

They're going to be in real strife.

We're booked in for Miss Moneypenny's on Friday night, no doubt it'll be Bistro C's for a couple of breakfasts and we just need 1 more spot for Saturday night dinner.

Any suggestions?

Perhaps we should check in with UrbanList and find the next best spot on Hastings.

Naturally, with the crew being away on tour, the blogging on the website and content across social media may slow down a bit - we'll see how we go.

We may just decide to get really really drunk and start blogging about all sorts of shit.

It doesn't get much better.

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