Inside Feed Foundation

We get it, we're pretty small right now, each day we're growing our presence across different forms of social media & website.

Quite soon, we'll also be generating more content in the form of podcasts and video, bringing to life some of the personalities that sit within the Inside Feed offices.

We're excited about where we might end up in terms of content creation, our audience and our brand.

But for us, it isn't all fun and games. One thing that is at the very core of what we want to do, is help people. We're building a powerful platform that we want to use for good. Yes, we'll be making some money, but we want to put a good chunk of that into helping others and making a difference.

Through monetisation of our content across various platforms, including website, social media, podcast, video & more, Inside Feed will assist groups and individuals financially, and with once in a lifetime opportunities and experiences.

Look out for fundraising events and other promotions for selected beneficiaries and we'll be leaning on our brand partners to help make a difference as well.

If you share our view of the world, or you know someone that might need some help, get in touch with via email or DM us on social media.

In the meantime, enjoy our content and get involved!


Drop us a line below and share your thoughts!

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