In case you missed it - this bloke had a 6-putt

The big rig, Bryson DeChambeau shot a 3-under par 67 in the final round and won the US Open. I am sure you heard the result.

Bryson was the only golfer to shoot any score in the 60's on Sunday, in fact there were 7 of the 61 golfers who made the cut to shoot in the 80's! They said Winged Foot was tough, well they got that right.

Poor Shugo Imahira finished 61st after his closing round of 82 on Sunday. Through 4 rounds, Imahira finished 31 shots off DeChambeau, yes, that's right, he finished at a whopping +25!


Having said that, Imahira pocketed a cool US$24,725 for his week's work, whilst DeChambeau earnt a cool US$2.25m.

But whilst finishing at +25 isn't something you'd want to be making a habit of too regularly, it's better than what Danny Lee did on Saturday.

On the 18th hole on Saturday, Lee gave every hack golfer a reason to smile when he 6-putted! 6, count em!

It's a tough watch and might bring back some nasty memories of your own, but check out the footage.

His first putt was for par and he takes a 6-putt and a quintuple bogey! Relatable to anyone? Been there, done that.

Just not in a US Open.

He obviously then throws a temper tantrum and storms off the green like a child but the best is yet to come.

Unlike our friend from Japan, Shugo Imahira, who obviously played some fairly horrific golf over the course of 4 rounds, Danny Lee decided he'd had enough and spectacularly withdrew from the tournament. That's right, he didn't even play on Sunday!

Officially, Danny Lee put his withdraw down to a wrist injury.

Lee should maybe confide in Sergio Garcia, he's got a 6-putt to his name as well, remember that? 2016 Players Championship at Sawgrass.

Danny, we've all been there, get over it. I find if you're having a beer or two on the course, it helps to relax your mind and ease the pain of these sorts of mistakes.

In truth, Danny Lee shouldn't be invited back to the US Open for a few years, that's just embarrassing. And by that, I don't mean the 6-putt, albeit that is shithouse, but to withdraw from the tournament presumably only due to embarrassment, give me a break.

There's thousands of golfers around the world battling to make that very tournament each year and Lee withdrew...

What a child.


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