In case you missed it, Curtis Scott is a legend

Curtis Scott went out on Australia Day 2020, got blind drunk, fell asleep under a tree and got woken up by law enforcement.

Legend, hero, goat. These words get thrown around willy-nilly sometimes, but in this instance, it's D) all of the above.

But what happened? Police received a call early in the hours of 27th January regarding Scott who had passed out and lying safe and sound under a tree. We've all been there after too many beers, at the time, it's the most comfortable and safest form of accomodation one can find.

Once Police officers arrived, they tried to wake him up. How? Pinching his ear and poking him in the stomach, telling him to get up. Ahhh, the bloke is a mess, he's going to need some help with that.

As officers continue to poke and prod, body cam footage shows Scott become somewhat aware of what is going on and he starts to gently swat away the hand of the female officer.

A few seconds later, Scott is handcuffed, with one male officer screaming, 'Don't resist'.

Again, the bloke is incoherently drunk, give him a break. Scott was then allegedly punched in the back and pepper sprayed.

The reason I am really empathetic toward Scott here is that I've done this before, I mean most of us have. The good cops pick you up, they grab your wallet, check the address on your ID, they then throw you in the back of the car and take you home. It's the best free Uber ever.

Not for Scott, he got arrested.

On Wednesday, Scott faced court in Sydney where magistrate Jennifer Giles tore apart the police case and deemed the arrest as unlawful. Good, justice has prevailed.

Police reportedly worked real hard to not make the whole body cam footage available, you wonder why...?

The fallout from all this? Scott is reported to have lost a significant amount in sponsorship deals for the damage this initial and now unlawful arrest has done to his reputation. Now that the charges have been dropped, does that mean he gets that all back? Probably not.

Having said that, Scott's lawyer is demanding $100k for the trouble, you'd be forgiven for thinking he may well get it.

Curtis Scott went out and did what every 22-year old man does, he got drunk on Australia Day.

Good on him.


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