Imagine if he did it again

It was tough viewing seeing Tiger Wood's mangled car an absolute write off after last week's accident.

It was really tough viewing.

I am a Tiger tragic, just like everyone else.

He's the man that transcended the sport and got people interested in golf in the first place.

He's an icon.

A legend.

We know all of that.

He's lying in a hospital bed having had multiple surgeries on his legs and is said to be in good spirits.

Golf is far from important at the moment.

But I've allowed myself to just dream for a minute.

When Tiger won the Masters in 2019, it was thought to be one of the greatest comebacks not only in the history of golf, but in sport - period.

Crippling back issues that restricted the GOAT from even walking, let alone swinging a club were overcome when Jim Nance coined the phrase, 'a return to glory'.

How beautiful it was to watch.

Again, I know golf is probably not even a consideration right now, but could you imagine if he came back and did something like that again?


Perhaps a major, or even if he just wins once more on the PGA Tour and moves to 83, surpassing the great Sam Snead.

Now that would be undoubtedly the greatest sporting feat we will ever see.

The scenes when he won the Tour Championship in 2018, the crowds swarming for position behind him, it's like nothing else we've seen.

When it comes to golf, there's roars and fanfare for a lot of the top line players, then there's the reception they give Tiger.

It's very different.

So will it happen?

Will Tiger make a recovery and get back?

Who knows what the future holds for Tiger, he may not ever swing a club ever again, but if history is any guide, then you'd be a brave man to bet against him.

One thing I've learnt is to never write off a champion.

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