I wouldn't want to be in a Cowboys uniform around 7:55pm this Saturday


Ricky really made a statement after the loss to the Eels.

Jospeh Tapine and Iosia Soliola are gone, while Josh Hodgson was reported to be on the chopping block as well but will miss the trip to Townsville through injury.

The other one is Josh Papalii - he's on the bench!

Last week Papalii's numbers were down a bit, just the 13 carriers in 56 minutes of action.

But he got through 36 tackles.

Not an awful game, but not what we'd normally expect I suppose.

So this week, he'll be angry.

Ricky has made a bit of a statement.

He has sent a clear message that performances like last week, particularly that second half, simply won't be tolerated.

But jeez, I feel for the Cowboys.

Imagine being a poor Cowboys defender this Saturday night @ around the 20 minute mark.

You've just played the first quarter of the game and got through a bit of work, you're probably looking for a breather or a few cheap sets.

Then the interchange card gets given to big Josh Papalii and he steams on to the field with smoke coming out of his ears.

He'll be angry.

Real angry.

He'll want two carries in his first set on the field and he'll probably rip through 8-10 before the first half is even done.

In fact, the Raiders are the bet of the weekend.

There's no way known that Ricky Stuart will let this team put two sloppy performances together in consecutive weeks.

It just simply will not happen.

The Raiders will cover the line of 9.5 comfortably I reckon.

The other bet I might have is for Papalii himself to score a try, that's paying $4.20.

I can just see him trampling over some defenders and making a statement of his own this week, as we all know, more often than not, this bloke is unstoppable and a bit of fire in the belly this week won't hurt things at all.

I can't wait to see Ricky doing the Toyota jump again on the sidelines this Saturday night, he's such an angry man sometimes.

Raiders by 22.

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