I want to Caddie for Jason Day, just once!

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Diary entry 2.

I found myself watching a lot of golf over the weekend and through to early Monday morning. The Memorial tournament at the place Jack built, Muirfield Village.

John Rahm prevailed, despite a controversial two-stroke penalty on the 16th hole, and in the process replaced Rory McIlroy as the #1 golfer in the world. The crazy long-hitter, who often wears his heart on his sleeve, becoming the first Spaniard since the great Seve Ballesteros to reach the top of the world.

But what about my man Jason Day? The Muirfield Village local can't even bend down correctly to pick the ball up out of the cup and he still managed to finish in a tie for fourth with a closing round of 73.

Earlier this year, Day had surgery to relieve back pain and withdrew from the Arnold Palmer Invitational. The former world number 1 underwent a Rhizotomy which is a procedure used to sever nerve roots in the spinal cord, which is designed to reduce chronic back pain and muscle spasms.

The guy is clearly in discomfort, scenes reminiscent of when Tiger had to virtually kneel down just to get his ball from the hole. It has seemingly forced Day into a more conservative approach, having to prioritise positioning off the tee as opposed to competing for distance with the likes of DJ, DeChambeau & Koepka.

Despite that, Day remains competitive, currently sitting 57th on the Fed Ex Cup standings off just 13 events, among the lowest on the PGA Tour. Day is a good old-fashioned Aussie battler and that's why I want to caddie for him.

This is just part 2 of a long road, but we will get there. Perhaps it might just be a tournament locally here in Australia, or perhaps I might be able to fulfil a dream of getting out on the PGA Tour and competing, not as a professional golfer, but as a touring caddie.

Jason Day, I admire your fight through these back issues and I look forward to our future friendship.

Diary entry 1.

This is the beginning of what I envisage will be a long campaign, but I am committed to it.

I am golf tragic, I think at one point I was playing consistently enough to get my handicap down to 10 at my home course, Caboolture Golf Club, 75 off the stick one day around there. That was the best part of 15 years ago, nowadays, I play as often as I can but realistically don’t get out enough, maybe once a fortnight, if I am lucky.

I am a huge consumer of golf, I’ll YouTube it, I’ll watch the PGA Tour early in the morning most days it is on, sometimes the European and Asian Tours as well and when I have the time, I’ll duck out late at night to the driving range to hit some balls. Golf is therapeutic, golf is a challenge for sure, but ultimately, golf is just good fun.

But, at the age of 32, I am saddened to announce that I am retiring from professional golf. Yes, granted I am not a professional golfer and I am likely not in the top 100 million golfers worldwide, but today is the day I quit my pursuit of golfing utopia and will only play golf in a social capacity moving forward. This is a tough thing, a bitter pill to swallow, but the time is right to realise the simple fact that I am not good enough.

How did I come to this decision? Pretty easily, my latest round of 92 at Hope Island pretty much cemented in my mind that this pro golf thing may be a bridge too far.

My future friend, Jason Day.

So, what now?

I have no other option but to make the Tour as a caddie. That’s why I am officially launching my campaign today, with you all, to be Jason Day’s caddie on 1 PGA Tour event. I don’t want any money, I’ll pay for all associated costs, I just want to be the bag for Day, just once, one tournament. Why Jason Day? He’s the next Masters Champion from Australia, he is destined to win one day at Augusta. 4 top 10 finishes including a tie for second in 2011 and tied for 5th in 2019 behind Tiger.

Now I am not suggesting that he would put on the bag for the Masters, I think that might be a little bit much, but I’d like to be part of the journey with Jason. He comes across as good man, indeed a good family man, hailing from just outside Brisbane in Beaudesert and only a year older than me. We could actually be buddies.

I feel I know golf well enough, I understand the complexities of a golf course how you should manage it, I am fit enough to lug the clubs around for 4 days and I will ensure all clubs are polished and put in their right place. I can read greens, but I just can't put, I know where I should be landing the chip shots, but I just can't execute them myself.

Jason, I realise you won’t read this but in the off chance you click the wrong button and stumble upon this article, I can help you reach the next level. Let’s get that ranking back down, together. This is the just start, it will happen. Stay tuned.


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