I've had enough of Tim Paine

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Australia only managed to claim the 3 wickets on Day 5.

Australian skipper Tim Paine dropped 3 catches as well.

I can deal with the dropped catches, albeit 3 is a lot, particularly for a wicket keeper - but it's more the shit chat that's got everyone shaking their head.

What a howler of a day for Paine.

He was caught on stump mic getting stuck right into Ravi Ashwin.

Tim Paine: "I can't wait to get you to the Gabba, Ash."

Ravi Ashwin: " I can't wait to get you to India, it'll be your last series."

Tim Paine: "At least my teammates like me, dickhead."

Look, it's a bit funny and if we had of won the test, it gets a bit funnier.

But if you've dropped 2 catches, which we had at the time, and you're the captain of the Australian cricket team - how about a little bit more focus on taking wickets, and catches.

Particularly what has happened in the past 48 hours and the controversy surrounding this test - Tim Paine is a little tone deaf.

T-Paine also had a little tantrum at umpire Paul Wilson earlier in the test when Paine had botched another DRS referral.

Granted, Paine did well when Smithy & Warner got suspended for the whole sandpaper thing, but his time is up. It's time to get Alex Carey into the test team and look toward the future.

IMO, Carey is a better batsman and a better glove man.

Paine's time is done.

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