'I should have been better'

Much to my surprise, the Roosters are done for 2020, handed an early exit by Ricky Stuart and his Raiders in a classic semi-final.

The Raiders get some form of retribution for their Grand Final loss in 2019.

At 16-0 after just 22 minutes, it looked as though the Roosters might concede another cricket score amount of points, comparable to what they did against the Rabbitohs just a fortnight earlier.

But the Chooks' rallied and fought their way back in to the game. You got the feeling they might break the heart of the green machine yet again, but it wasn't to be.

So the Roosters are out, the three-peat won't be happening and I still can't believe it.

But what I liked about the Roosters defeat is the manner in which Trent Robinson handled himself in the post-match press conference.

Robbo was all class, which is what he is, class.

He made no excuses, not one.

He didn't blame the refs.

He didn't blame the crazy nature of the COVID affected season.

Injuries? They had plenty in 2020, but that didn't matter.

He was accountable, he shouldered the blame for not being able to get his side aligned enough to get the job done.

He blamed just one man, himself.

When prompted to speak about some contentious first half refereeing decision, Robbo didn't want to comment, he didn't want to engage, he didn't want to offer any excuses.

Nope, he was fully accountable.

In fact, what Robbo wanted to do was to praise his side for the manner in which they'd handled themselves throughout the year in terms of managing the COVID protocols.

'I should have been better', that's what Robbo said in the aftermath of his sides loss to Canberra.

When asked to reflect on whether he would have done anything different if he had his time over again in 2020, Robinson replied emphatically, suggesting there would be 'a thousand things' he would do again.

Being prepared to make mistakes, acknowledging them and then learning from them is how people get better, right?

Roosters are done for 2020, but you can't help but think that they'll be bigger and better in 2021. With a bloke like Trent Robinson leading your side, it's hard to imagine it would be any different.


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