I'm loving watching Patty Mills

Warning, slightly biased blog forthcoming.

I'm Australian, we all love Patty Mills - he's a star.

This year Patty Mills has been dropping bombs from everywhere! I'm loving it when the Spurs caller yells out a big 'G'Day Mate!' every time he nails a triple as well.

It's hilarious.

So far this season, Mills is averaging 13.9 points off the bench, if he holds that form, that'll be his best return in his 12 season in the league.

His 3-point % is a remarkable .558%, he's making three of those a game and dishing out 3.3 assists, again, if he maintains that form, that'll be his second best season for assists.

Admittedly his minutes are up - Pop has plenty of trust in Mills these days!

24.5 minutes per game and the mainstay of the Spurs second unit.

At the age of 32, Mills has graduated from the hype bloke on the bench who swings that white towel around, he still does that, but he's taken on a much bigger role with the Spurs and I am absolutely loving it.

The Spurs are 5 & 4 after 3 straight wins, Pop won't like the idea of missing the finals two years in a row - I think the Spurs will finish around that 6th-8th bracket.

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