I am tipping the Broncos this week

'He who has never hoped can never despair' - George Bernard Shaw.

I got that one off Google this morning.

I think it's time to get behind the Broncos.

Sure, on paper, the Eels do look hard to beat and it's certainly not perfect with Payne Haas and Kotoni Staggs unavailable.

But from the stuff I've seen on the training paddock and their work in the gym this off-season, the Broncos will front up on Friday night fit and ready to go.

If they're not skilful enough, then that's another story.

Like any race horse that has gone away for spell and comes back first up looking fit and fresh, the Broncos get a great opportunity to knock off Parramatta.

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Here's some things in our favour.

The last time the Broncos played the Eels in Round 1, it was a 13-point win for Brisbane in back in 2016 - that one was @ Pirtek Stadium.

That one might not be overly relevant right now.

The trial game, well the first half at least, it was sharp. Broncos led the Cowboys 18-6, then they did the old 'not going to play for 80 minutes thing' and the Cowboys came roaring back and scored 28 unanswered points.

Let's block that second half out of the memory bank.

I'm happy with Brodie Croft @ Halfback, I think he's entitled to a chance to claim the #7 jersey alongside Anthony Milford in the halves.

Herbie Farnworth is ready to go despite recent surgery on a chest infection and that'll mean Tesi Niu switches to the right centre.

I like all of that.

The other thing is the Eels will of course be missing Michael Jennings who is suspended for allegedly getting on the gear.

Interestingly, no room for Corey Oates in the Broncos 17 - that's a bit of experience we might need - maybe not.

Then there's some things not in our favour, aside from the missing Haas and Staggs, the other one would be the aggregate score from last year's two meetings was 60 -18 to the Eels.


How do we win this?

There's no state secrets here, the forwards need to lay a solid platform and get some go forward and we need to make a couple of tackles - that'd help. I would just love to see Anthony Milford get a bit of early front foot ball as well.

If there's ever a time to get behind the Broncos, it's Round 1. There's no convictions on the sheet for 2021 - not yet at least.

For those looking for some odds, it's something like Eels $1.30 & Broncos $3.45.

Jeez I hate Parramatta.

Let's Go Broncos!

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