How to improve your golf game with 2.4 standard drinks in a can!

I am about to help you with your golf game with one little secret.

You ready? The other day at golf, I decided to indulge in a few bevos.

It was a Friday afternoon, no reason not to let the hair down.

I should say before going any further, this is not a sponsored post. Although I certainly won't begrudge anything rocking up at the door.

But anyways, on this fateful Friday, we decided to mix things up, I benched the normal starting line up consisting of 4 x Golds and 4 x Bundy Rums.

I threw something else in the esky, it was some Fat Pixie Ginger Beers.

The first hole was a long Par 5, so we’re 1 Fat Pixie down after 1 hole. Surely we couldn’t keep that pace.

Fast forward, we make the turn, I’m shooting lights out, just a couple over par through 9 holes and feeling terrific about life.

I think I was into my 4th Ginger Beer, stopped for a nice sandwich and then it hit me. These Fat Pixie’s, although delicious, were farking powerful.

2.4 standard drinks! 8% alcohol.

These things have a kick, yet they taste so damn good!

I was swinging the club freely, not giving it too much thought, it was as if the alcohol had taken me to a happy place where the game of golf comes easily.

I go on to shoot 81, which is 9 over par. That’s pretty good for me, I’m a mid 80’s sort of golfer.

By the time we reach the 19th, I’ve polished 7 of the Fat Pixies and am absolutely flying. The only problem was I wasn't really too sure what alcohol induced adjustments I had made to my swing that had it going so well.

The best part about these Fat Pixie's is they’re only $50 for a carton or thereabouts.

Fair to say Saturday morning was a struggle, but I highly recommend a day out on these things.

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