How is John Morris out the door already?

I don't like this stuff, how ridiculous.

The media are already speculating as to which coaches will be the first to be fired in 2021.

Can you believe that?

If you don't recall, in 2020 there were 5 coaches shown the door prematurely.

Stephen Kearney - spectacularly! Dean Pay then went, Paul McGregor followed, we all know what happened with Anthony Seibold and then the Cowboys parted ways with Paul Green.

Put simply, being a head coach in the NRL is a tough gig!

Now the wonderful journalists from FoxSports and the like are suggesting that it'll be John Morris that'll be the first to go in 2021.

Bit soon to be making up those sorts of stories I would have thought? Give the bloke a chance!

Morris has taken the club to the finals over the past two years but was recently knocked back a contract extension, which essentially puts him under pressure and right in the firing line for the media to take aim.

But I argue that Morris has been handed a bit of a sh!t sandwich.

Here's why.

There was a fair bit going on when Shane Flanagan was ousted in early 2019 and of course there was the doping ban handed down to Bronson Xerri.

Combine that with a fair load of injuries and indifferent form from a number of the club's most well paid players.

Moylan, Fifita, Dugan & co.

Oh, and the club lost Josh Morris to the Roosters as well.

Then there's been the rumours that John Morris has lost the dressing room, you'd think if that was the case then Morris wouldn't still be at the club, so I don't get that one either.

So I'm just not seeing the reasoning, other than them wanting to sell newspapers, for the media to continue to beat up on John Morris.

Do the Sharks have the list to be competing for a premiership? If Craig Bellamy was coaching the Sharks, would they be contenders?

I'm not sure, maybe.

The Sharks have added club legends and premiership winners, Paul Gallen & Luke Lewis to the coaching staff for next year, if they can have a better time of it in terms of injuries, you'd think they're good enough to be well and truly playing finals and indeed making some noise in September.

Apparently there's rumours that Shane Flanagan may return in 2022, what happens to Morris then?

I tell you what, I'd love to see John Morris get the best out of this Sharks group in 2021 and earn that contract extension, maybe with some success he can add a zero to the end of his asking price.

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