How about this debut?

Edrick Lee.

You kidding me?

I'll keep this short because I am getting stuck into some XXXX Gold's.

But for a bloke who didn't even know he was playing a couple of days ago, he's had a mighty debut game for the Maroons!

You got the feeling the Blues might put him under some pressure.

To be fair, they did a bit, but not a huge amount.

Regardless, this bloke was simply outstanding and to be fair, we did know what he was capable of doing.

He might not get all the kudos, that'll be reserved for the likes of Munster, young Harry Grant and others.

But Edrick Lee, you were outstanding.

116 NRL games for Lee, this was the biggest moment of his career.

There were people nervous about his selection and for full transparency, I was one of those but it was so bloody good to see him do what he did.

Strong carries, excellent reads in defense, the try just before half-time off the Cameron Munster cross field kick.

It was simply beautiful to watch.

There's something about that maroon jersey, it brings the best out of people and takes them to a whole new level.

Edrick Lee is now part of that.

What a night to be a Queenslander!!

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