How about Stan shitting the bed?

I spent Saturday afternoon down watching some club rugby.

Great day on the sidelines.

I'd had a few drinks and then got home and chucked on the Force & Chiefs game.

As the stream was loading, I thought to myself, jeez the Force will be losing this by quite a bit.

Oh no.

They weren't.

It was a cracking game of rugby, it really was.

I had no financial interest in it, purely because I thought the Force would get hammered and the Chiefs were far too short to make any bank.

Then at around the 60th minute, it all stops.

I watched the same phase on repeat for about 10 minutes.

Then the Stan logo was on the screen, it was like I was starring at a billboard after 15 beers.

What happened?

I should say that I think the rugby product that Stan has put out this year has been nothing short of spectacular.

I've really enjoyed it.

But on this occasion, they dropped the ball.

They knocked on.

They ruined my Saturday night.

This Twitter user with a really awesome username wasn't happy with the temporary outage from Stan Sport.

But did I go to my pocket and cancel my subscription on the spot?

No I didn't, because I am not a child.

Will I accept a free month subscription?

Yes I will.

I am officially putting Stan on notice, if this sort of shit happens when the Reds are playing, I will not be a happy camper.

From what I saw, the Force put up a great fight.

They almost pulled it out at the end, we'll review that in our Super Rugby recap.

I did find it funny, the Stan Sport advert for the Super Rugby is 'watch every minute'.


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