Hope Island Resort - Course Review

Updated: Aug 4, 2020


I’ve spent much of the COVID period refining the swing, some minor improvements brought with it some renewed confidence to tackle one of Queensland’s most difficult courses. Well that was the expectation at least and it dually lived up to expectations. Hope Island Golf Resort on the Gold Coast, a pleasant 45-minute drive from Brisbane and a wonderful place to play 18 holes.

Now, I didn’t exactly play my best golf but that is certainly no fault of the good people at Hope Island, one thing that did give me the shits however, was upon arrival, we were told that despite the fact we’d booked for 18 holes with a 1:30pm tee time, we were required to have the buggies back by 4:30pm. Ummm, 18 holes in 3 hours? What if we were on the 14th by 4:30pm? We’d driven from Brisbane to go down and play, not a word mentioned of the buggy curfew when I’d called to book, so that was a bit shit, we had them back on sunset, not a word was said.

Hope Island is simply stunning. Photo credit: Golfer

That aside, the course is as you’d expect, fucking beautiful. Comparable in many ways to Pacific Harbour on Bribie Island, a tight-turning track with plenty of water traps and bunkers (128 on the course to be exact!) lining almost every fairway and green. The greens are tough, the flags the day I played must have been in the toughest positions possible, they were pretty quick putts no matter where you put it! Undulating fairways, yes, shitloads of tree trouble if you don’t hit straight, also a big yes. It is a true test of golf, particularly a social golfer that is happy to break 90!

This was my first time playing Hope Island which obviously made it all the more difficult, but I could imagine this would be home to a wonderful corporate day, put simply, I could see myself enjoying a few beers both on the course and in the clubhouse afterwards. Sadly, on this occasion, I was sober Steve with COVID restrictions not allowing beers on the course.

The signature hole on the course is the long Par 3 17th, we played it in near darkness, mindful of the fact that buggy police would be due any minute to tow our carts away. A storm was brewing east of the course which presented us with a beautiful rainbow late in the day, that aside, the 17th hole and the course moreover is visually stunning.

Aside from the issue we had with #buggygate, Hope Island is a brilliant course with facilities to match. I think we might have got some COVID time deal and only paid $80, good value for such a stunning course.


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