Here's who wins the Clive Churchill Medal this year

Long range bet anyone?

It might be a bit soon, but I've had some money on Harry Grant to win the Clive Churchill Medal today.

Yes, we're 5 months away from the GF.

Yes, he could get injured.

But the Storm will be back in the grand final, that I am almost certain of right now.

It'll be a grand final replay won't it?

The Roosters have injuries, the Raiders have shat the bed, the Eels will capitulate like they do every year and the only other one that is probably in contention are the Bunnies.

50-0 on the weekend, not good.

Granted Latrell was out, as was Adam Reynolds.

But yikes, that was scary for Rabbitohs supporters.

I'm sure they'll bounce back from that, but perhaps they're not up to the Panthers & Storm this year.

So on that logic, it'll be a grand final replay.

Again, lot of water to go under the bridge but on the big stage I think the Storm will put another rabbit out of the hat.

Panthers may well go through the season undefeated, but can they win the big one?

So we've got the Storm winning the GF again, just for something new.

Munster and the Cheese will be partying for weeks afterwards and Craig Bellamy will add to his legacy.

What about Craig last year? This is outstanding.

Nathan Cleary will be Clive Churchill Medal favourite on the night, Munster won't be far away, Papenhuyzen will be gunning to do it back-to-back but the sleeping giant might be Harry Grant.

Everyone following?

He'll make 55-60 tackles, he'll take a few darts from dummy half, maybe set up 1 try and score another one himself.

Remember what he did in origin last year?

That was outstanding.

So the Storm win, Harry Grant gets the Clive Churchill and everyone's a winner.

Apart from Penrith.

For those wondering, he's paying $19 right now.

Is it a potentially stupid bet right now? Yes.

But I've made a good case.

Did any of that make sense?

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