Here's who will beat Penrith


No one.

They're too good at the moment.

Last night was nasty, I got the feeling they felt sorry for the Titans when the scoreboard read 42-0, they took the foot off the pedal just a bit.

Matt Hayden and Justin Langer would have been proud of that scoreboard, 0/42 after 52 minutes so just under an hour of play down, they've seen off the new ball and with a drinks break just around the corner.

Unfortunately for the Titans and their faithful, it was actually a game of rugby league in which they were expected to defend.


Very nasty.

I thought Bryan Fletcher actually summed it up perfectly in the post game show, suggesting that barring another TikTok related indiscretion, Nathan Cleary is going to win the Dally M medal.

It seems pretty obvious.

Panthers & Storm final you'd think?

I know we're only in Round 10 but it's trending towards a grand final re-match and if the Panthers don't miss the bus like last year and start the game on terms, they'll be mighty hard to beat.

Heck, the Panthers may well not lose a game at all.

Unheard of right?

Their biggest challenge might present itself this week, Latrell Mitchell returns to the Bunnies and I've had this one circled on the calendar for quite some time.

Sunday afternoon @ 2pm.

How good.

The smartest bloke on the field last night may well have been Herman Ese'ese.

He got sent off in the 36th minute with one of the great coathangers of all time.

Obviously Herman didn't watch much of Magic Round prior, that would have been a send off in 1985, let alone 2021 when you can't even cough, fart of sneeze on the field.

Jump to around 2:35 of the highlights below to re-live one of the great pieces of defense in the history of rugby league.

I reckon Herman knew it was going to be a long night for the Titans, he wanted an early shower and a cold beer.


But in all seriousness, if the Panthers can navigate their way through the always disruptive origin period, they could be set for something very special.

I can't find a betting market on Cleary to win the Dally M, presumably it's already over?

Souths Sydney vs Penrith this Sunday.

What a time to be alive.

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