Here's where the Thunder will finish in 2020

The Thunder are a team that intrigue me so very much, I feel like they should be so much better then they are but they consistently just aren’t.

They finished 5th last year and were shaky at best despite some of the top level talent that is present on their roster.

Over the course of BBL history they have made the finals only twice but won the comp on one of those occasions.

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When they won the comp, the very next year they literally finished last on the ladder. Their inconsistency is just so weird and its hard to say why it keeps on happening year after year.

The team can certainly bat first of all. Headed by exceptional T20 Batsmen like Usman Khawaja and Alex Hales they should be able to add nice pieces around the two to compete, and well they have. Callum Ferguson, Alex Ross and Jason Sangha are all perfectly capable players in the BBL.

They are also complimented by some very nice all-rounders each who can excel on either side of the ball. Daniel Sams, Chris Green, Chris Morris and the recent addition of Ben Cutting give the Thunder so many options with who to throw the ball without having to worry what they will do with the bat.

I think where they do come up perhaps a little short is their bowling attack though. There is some talent there, but certainly not enough in a Big Bash that is concerned with well, bashing big.

Brendan Doggett and Chris Tremain are alright, but more often than not you are going to have to rely on Ben Cutting to be a strike bowler, and well ask any Brisbane Heat fan about how that feels.

Ill give you a hint, it isn’t great.

Best case scenario for this team is that they get hot with the bat and Usman has a run of games where he scores 60 a night and propels them to mammoth totals that the bowlers can defend. I just can’t see them doing much when runs aren’t on the board though. It really is a shame because there is talent on this team and I know given even just a few small roster tweaks they could be great.

I can guarantee in the commentary box this season Mark Waugh is going to say that this team is a true contender and that they can go far in the comp, but hes bloody biased and half of what he says in the commentary box is propaganda anyway.

In my opinion I think the Thunder are certainly better than the ‘runts’ of the BBL in the Heat and Renegades because at least their team isn’t reliant on literally one or two players, I see them in the tier just above them, where they can bat and they can bowl but will rarely do the two together.

This puts them out of contention for the BBL title for me and I think they’ll miss the Finals too.

The Thunder finish a weird 6th where they are better than 7th and 8th but no that close to 5th.

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