Here's what the Broncos need

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Some good news - obviously.

That's it really.

If it's not Payne Haas abusing a cop or Anthony Milford being injured, then it's something else.

Last week it was Corey Parker taking a shot at Kevvie after his assistant coaching position was effectively terminated.

Now there's reports doing the rounds that Assistant Coach John Cartwright got into a dust up with former club legend, Chris Johns.

Johns is of course the Chairman of the Broncos Old Boys Club.

I mean, fuck me.

What is going on?

I thought when Kotoni Staggs went down late last year, effectively ruling him out for the first half of this year, that the Broncos woes couldn't get much worse.

I was wrong it seems.

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The trial on Saturday night was an impressive first half of football, Brodie Croft looked good in his time on the field & Tesi Niu caused a few headaches down the right side.

The second half wasn't so good - but for a first hit out, you've got to be happy with at least the first 40 minutes.

Yes, sure, we need to be able to play 80 minutes of football - it's been a long time since we have but let's look at the positives!

Where else could some good news come from?

Cameron Smith.

Surely he's in.

He would of retired a while ago if that was going to be the case, there's no point dragging it out this long right?

No rush but Cameron, we're only playing in 12 days!

Injuries, suspensions, coaches & former club legends fighting - ahhh, it never ends and we're not even @ round 1 yet!

That aside, we'll beat the Eels next Friday night.

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