He's too good

The picture might have given it away.

Dusty Martin. Or should we call him Norm?

I presume he's still drinking. Didn't he leave his car at the MCG for the best part of two months after celebrating Richmond's grand final win in 2019?

That's stuff of legend.

For full declaration, I'd consider myself a reasonable AFL watcher and supporter.

I am not the biggest fanatic, I love kicking back on a Friday night and watching a big game at the G.

But like most folk, I get together with my mates at the end of the year, have a thousand beers, put on a few bets and get heavily involved in the AFL Grand Final.

This year was no different.

Richmond & Geelong, two of the best teams of the past decade and a mouthwatering contest at the Gabba.

Geelong serve it up to Richmond early and take a lead into half-time.

But you always got the feeling the Tigers would rally. And rally they did, led by Dusty.

To put it simply, on Saturday night we got to witness greatness.

22 disposals and 4 goals.

Martin virtually putting the Tigers on his back in the second half and carrying them to their 3rd premiership in as many years.

3 Norm Smith medals for Dusty, this time around he polled the maximum of 15 votes.

Bit ridiculous really isn't it!

In hindsight at least, the final results from Saturday's final look fairly straight forward to the educated, and perhaps most uneducated AFL punter.

Richmond 1-39 and Dusty Martin to get best on ground. Why didn't I just do that?

The best bit about all of this? Dusty is only 29.

You'd think he's still got the best part of 5 years left, how many more premierships can he win? Will he get another Brownlow medal?

I won't even mention anything about whether he's the best of all-time or not.

Okay, whoops, I just did.

He's got 5 years or so left to continue building the legacy.


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