He got banned for how long?

Contact directly to the chin or head with force, automatic red card these days, I get it.

But a 4-match suspension, are you kidding me?

Referee Nic Berry had set the precedent on the night with an earlier red card, I was okay with this being a red card based on the ref needing to show some consistency.

But fuck me, 4 game suspension? It effectively means Swinton has been handed a 3 month sentence, he'll miss the last couple of test matches and a few games, presumably trials, in the new year.

In the 34 minutes that Swinton was on the field on Saturday night, he showed plenty of promise.

Sadly, it was his aggression that ultimately led to his demise, you can just tell that before that kick off he was thinking that he was going to belt the living daylights out of Sam Whitelock.

Fair enough I say.

But this sort of punishment just seems over the top. I am all for player safety, I don't think anyone would think otherwise, particularly when it comes to the head, but in this instance I would argue it was only borderline reckless, at worst, and Whitelock was quite okay afterwards.

No swinging arm, it was shoulder on head and Swinton is a tall bloke. Yes, I get it, he needs to tackle a little bit lower.

There's been people calling for the banning of red cards, I disagree. You need to be able to send someone off when they've stomped on a head or thrown a haymaker, so I think the red cards stay, but they just need to be used more selectively.

In the instance of Swinton and indeed the red card handed out to All Blacks prop Ofa Tu'ungafasi, the red card seems excessive. Surely these two instances are just yellow cards and the judiciary can deal with it later?

Lachie Swinton got red carded and later suspended for 4 weeks on debut, and I can not wait to see him again in the Wallaby gold!

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