He did it again

Holy fuck.

Bryson DeChambeau is fun to watch.

Yesterday he took on the 6th hole @ Bay Hill and thrilled the crowd - if you're wondering, it's a Par 5 that wraps around a huge lake, direct line is about 340 yards to carry the water - most players go around it.

This was what DeChambeau had to say after the round yesterday.

So today when Bryson stepped on the 6th tee, the gallery - yes there are fans back at this tournament - were wanting 1 thing and 1 thing only.

Today however, Byron was tied for the lead - you'd think he might just take it a bit easier.


HE DID IT AGAIN - that poor golf ball!

The people suggesting that Bryson is destroying the game need to get a new hobby - this guy is making significant changes to how golf is played & good luck to him.

This next month of golf is so good, the Players Championship next week @ Sawgrass and then the Masters in early April.

If only Tiger was fit and healthy...

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