Gus Gould is like Justin Bieber

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Unpopular opinion alert, I actually like Gus Gould and, the clincher, I am a QLD'er.

Am I drunk? Not today.

Do I do drugs? Absolutely not.

What has sparked this is an article I read about Gus apparently campaigning to keep Anthony Griffin out of the Dragons top job. This has led to an apparent breakdown in the relationship between Gus and Griffin's manager, Wayne Beavis. Gould and Beavis have been friends for a long time, 40 years plus.

Does anyone actually believe that? Why would Gus waste his time and energy campaigning against Hook Griffin? Sure their relationship might have broken down prior to Griffin's departure from Penrith, but to suggest Gus would be trying to keep Griffin from getting another gig seems a bit silly.

To me, Gus Gould is like Justin Bieber, publicly you say you don't like the guy, but behind closed doors, you're a fan. Whenever Gus is on the TV, I listen, because more often than not, I'll learn something.

If I don't learn something, then I'm likely to be entertained by his opinion.

Do I agree with everything Phil Gould says? Of course I don't.

But the thing people don't like about Gus is that he's smart, he's very smart. Whether it be as an administrator, coach, commentator / analyst on Channel 9, everything Gus does is quality.

Look at how Penrith are doing right now? Not entirely attributed to the foundations built by Gus I am sure, but he's entitled to take some of the credit.

What I particularly like about Phil Gould is the way he would build up a State of Origin. His last word before QLD and NSW did battle would get the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. It would even be funnier when he'd get it wrong, one year he famously told QLD supporters to 'Get your hands off the trophy'. Well, guess what, we won.

He's the man we love to hate, but he's a character, he tells it how it is.

One thing that goes unnoticed is also Gould's contribution to charitable causes, often we get caught up the in headlines and media beat up, this bloke does plenty of good.

So, the next time you're in the car with a couple of mates and Justin Bieber comes on, don't skip it, embrace it, you probably built the playlist anyways.


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