Greg Norman takes his 3-wood with him everywhere

The Great White Shark!

How's the Dustin Johnson on him?

We've all been guilty of stuffing a pair of socks down the front of our pants at some point but how about a plank of wood?

This isn't a paparazzi shot either, this is what Norman shared on his own social media.

There's no doubt in the world that Norman knew exactly what sort of reaction posting that photo would get, he's done this sort of stuff before.

For the uneducated or perhaps younger crowd, Norman is former world # 1 golfer, 2 major championships, 20 PGA tour titles and he had 30, yes 30, Top 10's in majors and 8 second place finishes.

He's a legend, but he was a bit of a choker!

This is a big dick move from Norman, pun intended. It'll get everyone talking about him again, his company will prosper and his net worth will continue to grow.

He's reported to be worth $400 million now, that might be closer to half a billion with some more sponsors after this latest bit of publicity.

Greg Norman, you've done it again.

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