Greg Norman is a marketing machine

He's so clever.

And just continues to print money.

We're all talking about him and his antics.

The Great White Shark has posted another raunchy Instagram photo, this time around, he's doing a full flex of the buttocks.

Check it out.

Bit much isn't it?

Of course, last time around Norman posted a photo that had everyone thinking that he left his 9 iron in his pants.

Remember this one?

All Norman has to do is to put up one of these photos and get everyone talking about him and his business empire worth a reported US$400m just continues to grow.

It's so fucking clever.

I might start doing it for Inside Feed, I'll just have to lose about 15 kilos and tone up some of the body and we're away.

I suppose, it is Masters week, Norman went pretty close there so he might be trying to build his self-esteem.

- Instagram, @inside_feedhq


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