Greatest moment in wrestling history

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

It was the Attitude Era, the WWF, as it was previously known, versus WCW on a Monday night in the battle of ratings in American television. 'WWF Attitude' consisted of high levels of scripted violence, foul mouths and sexual content. This is the era that saw a great surge in the popularity of professional wrestling across the US & Canada with packed arenas for weekly shows and pay-per-view events.

It was at this time that household names emerged and became legends. Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Texas rattle snake as he was affectionately known who would emerge from behind the curtain at the sound of his iconic glass shattering entry. The Rock, the people's champion who would first forge a career in the WWF and lay the smackdown. Then there was the brothers of destruction, The Undertake & Kane, Triple H, Kurt Angle and what about the tag teams, The Hardy Boyz, The Dudley Boyz and Edge & Christian, their iconic Tables, Ladders & Chairs matches are still among my most favoured YouTube searches.

The early 2000's, it really was a great time to be an adolescent male teenager with a Foxtel subscription.

But there was one moment for me that stood out from the rest, I think it was toward the end of 2001. Stone Cold and Triple H had bandied together and were causing all sorts of mayhem on Monday Night Raw, at this point of their careers, they were not popular with fans. A week earlier, these two had beat up the Hardy Boyz, but it wasn't just Matt & Jeff that copped the punishment, they got after Jeff's girlfriend Lita as well. Oh the storyline was set, it was juicy.

The rematch happened the following week Triple H and Stone Cold were giving the Hardy Boyz another touch up, some brutal depicted violence! Jim Ross and co-commentator Paul Hayman were setting it up brilliantly, playing their good cop / bad cop roles perfectly.

When Triple H and Austin's attention turned to Lita once again, the crowd remonstrated with them but Hunter's wife, Stephanie McMahon threw Lita into the ring. All hell was about to break loose, again.

What happens next? I am sure you've just watched it.

The brothers of destruction, The Undertaker & Kane come out to a thunderous raw from the crowd and cheering from Jim Ross. The lights went out, they combined the intro's and create the greatest moment in wrestling history. This is when The Undertaker was doing the American badass character, Limp Bizkit entry music, bandana, motorbike and all!

They stroll down the ramp, an intimidating presence and Triple H and Stone Cold promptly clear the ring and set up an excellent subsequent few months of four great legends of the wrestling in battle. I know it is scripted, I am not stupid, but this was great theatre.

Now you'll spend the next couple of hours indulging in wrestling videos, if you think there's something better, comment below!


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