Good riddance to Eddie McGuire

Ironically, yesterday was the historic and proud day for Collingwood Football Club.

A tearful Eddie McGuire finally realised his time was up.

Australia can breathe a sigh of relief. It’s all over now.

McGuire’s downfall - which started with his handling of the racist abuse towards Adam Goodes eight years ago - was his own doing.

After Goodes had reported the racist abuse from the young Collingwood fan, McGuire went to the Swans dressing room straight away, offering his apologies to Goodes on behalf of Collingwood.

A few days later, he was joking about Goodes being used to promote the King Kong musical.

McGuire’s good intentions unravelled as he bumbled about with his mouth moving faster than his brain.

The parallels between the Goodes incident and the announcement of the findings of the Do Better report are clear to see.

Something wrong happens so McGuire says we’ll do something about that, then McGuire makes a fool of himself, and McGuire enters damage limitation mode.

It’s always about McGuire. Right to the bitter end.

Now that he’s gone, Collingwood can focus on implementing the necessary changes to improve the culture of the club without the threat of their president messing things up.

For sure, there’s been good times in McGuire’s presidency - a highlight being the premiership win of 2010, the first for two decades - but that does not make up for the car crash of the past eight years.

To see people defending McGuire, celebrating McGuire, saying that he’s the one who’s been hard done by here, shows that there is plenty of work to be done.

Go have a word to Adam Goodes. Go have a word to Heritier Lumumba.

They’ve been subjected to far worse than what Eddie’s gone through.

The end of McGuire’s Collingwood presidency - his resignation having taken effect immediately - brings an end to what has been an incredibly disappointing few weeks for Australian sport.

The alleged racism in the crowd at the SCG, the backlash towards Cricket Australia dropping references to Australia Day, the attempted signing of Israel Folau by the Dragons - they’ve all been deflating moments.

What is the problem with being kind and respectful of everybody?

How many times does it need to be said?

Enough is enough.

To quote the title of the Collingwood report, it’s time to do better.

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