Good on you Anthony Seibold

It seems like just about everyone has taken a shot at Anthony Seibold this year.

Myself included.

It just didn't work out for him in Brisbane, the post-mortem is ongoing, but he just couldn't get the boys up to the mark.

Plain and simple.

I was fortunate enough to attend a workshop with Anthony Seibold one night, he could not have been a more kind, decent and intelligent man.

He presented to a group of rugby union coaches, I was part of the group, we threw a shitload of questions at him and he shared his insight and philosophies on coaching.

I learnt a lot.

Society is a funny thing, we're pretty quick to jump on the band wagon and beat a man, or woman, when they're down.

You think back now, and it's really pretty shit.

I do not envy, nor would I wish upon my worst enemy what Anthony Seibold was subjected to towards the back end of his tenure at Brisbane.

Ridiculous and false claims involving Seibold and his family, surely we're better than that as a society?

Yes, I get it, it's rugby league. It is important. It's important to the players, the sponsors, the supporters, it's a big deal.

But it shouldn't mean you become a victim of the sort of trolling that Seibold copped, that's just not cool. As I said, rugby league is important, but there's far more important stuff.

The good thing about this, well Anthony Seibold has been given an opportunity in Newcastle with Adam O'Brien and his staff.

Seibold will be a coaching consultant.


Without knowing the ins and outs of what that entails, it would seem something like would be a perfect fit for Seibold. Perhaps he was too analytical with his coaching in Brisbane, was that it?

If so, he should be able to throw up some ideas to Adam O'Brien and have a positive influence on the Knights group without having to shoulder too much responsibility.

Regardless, it's good to see him staying involved in the game. Remember he was awarded the Dally M Coach of the Year in 2018. It was a pretty quick fall from grace.

I hope he and his family are smiling, go the Knights!

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