Good old selfless Eddie, ps happy birthday!

Today, 26th November 2020, Eddie Betts turns 34.

How many games has Eddie Betts played you ask?


132 of those for the Adelaide Crows and he sits on 199 for his beloved Carlton.

Eddie is a 3-time All-Australian and across his 16 year career has kicked 613 goals, with many of them appearing in highlight reels for years to come.

But in 2021, Eddie Betts is a rookie.

Well at least technically he is.

That's right, such is his love for the Carlton Football Club, that the veteran has agreed to be listed on the club's rookie list for next season.

What this means for the Blues is that they don't have to make any changes to their current playing list, with the decision coming after the AFL made it possible for club's to move two senior players to the rookie list with immediate effect.

Pretty good stuff this from the AFL, they've put together something that removes a lot of unnecessary anxiety for un-contracted players around the draft period.

Betts and forward Matthew Kennedy will be the two that go on the rookie list, which is a win for the Blues in terms of the salary cap.

Naturally both Betts and Kennedy are being showered with love and respect for the selflessness of their decision.

The only problem with Eddie Betts making headlines, is that every time he is in the news, I find myself YouTubing his highlights and I lose half hour each time.

How about some of those goals!

There's a bit to like about what is going on at Carlton, an 11th place finish in 2020, they were firmly in the finals conversation but dropped 4 of the last 5.

Perhaps the Blues can get back to the finals in 2021?

One thing is for sure, I am looking forward to watching this young rookie kick a few from the pocket next season, I reckon he has a bright future!

Happy birthday Eddie!

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