GoFundMe page to get Craig Bellamy to Brisbane?

Surely we just throw the kitchen sink @ Craig Bellamy to get him up to Brisbane?

All this chit chat about who might be coming, just about everyone is getting thrown up.

DCE, Shaun Johnson, Adam Reynolds, Mitch Moses.

Now I hear Kalyn Ponga in a year's time.

I'm sure there is others.

But we need either Uncle Wayne back or the great man Bellyache.

One of those two.

If they want to keep Kevvie, then stick one of these blokes in a Coaching Director or a position of fair significance.

That Coaching Director role should also double as the Head of Recruitment or at least sit above them.

I suppose a bit like the role Mal Meninga is filling for the Titans.

Mal's officially the culture boss you could imagine he's well involved in all the decisions and their recruitment has been pretty freakin good in recent times.

So what do we do?

Broncos have the cash, if not perhaps we start a GoFundMe page to make this happen.

Hopefully it gets better for the Broncos this week, I reckon we're a chance against the Titans who have a few out with injury.

Poor old Kevvie is in a pretty shitty spot isn't he.

He inherited a mess but the constant chopping and changing, particularly in the halves, well that's a bit of a concern.

You'd think landing Bellamy would give the younger brigade of Broncos stars more confidence in staying put at the club.

I'm thinking Kotoni Staggs for example, why hasn't he re-signed as yet?

We need some good news!

I can just picture Bellyache sitting in the coaches box @ Suncorp now, perhaps in the second row behind Kevvie and Craig's just shouting profanities and throwing furniture.

It's what we might need.

Anyways, who's in for the GoFundMe?

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