Give them the premiership now...

Alright, that might be a touch premature.

But this is getting ridiculous!

Not everyone is into having a friendly wager, but the Storm to finish Top 4 next year are paying $1.90.

Ya joking?

In the last 10 seasons, they've finished outside of the Top 4 just once.

Yes, I get it.

It appears as though Cameron Smith may have played his last game for the club and of course we've had the era of Smith himself, Billy Slater, Greg Inglis and Cooper Cronk.

I get all of that.

But how's the likely roster looking for 2021?

The spine looks amazing.

Papenhuyzen, Munster, Hughes & Grant.

Ryan Papenhuyzen, well he should of got a game for NSW and it is scary to think that the Clive Churchill Medalist will be better again next year.

Cameron Munster, what more needs to be said, he is far and away the best player in the game right now, no doubt he's still drinking after the origin win.

Jahrome Hughes, well this guy proved me wrong. He has come along leaps and bounds this year and has had plenty of interest from rival clubs. Still got stuff to work on but if he keeps improving like he did this year, he could be anything.

Harry Grant, well if Munster didn't play game 3 @ Suncorp, then Harry is the best on the park! This guy is a serious footballer, you'd think he'll squeeze the cheese out of the hooking position but they'll both be in the 17 each week.

Outside of that, they've retained the services of the fastest man on the planet as anointed by Gus Gould, that's of course the Fox, Josh Addo-Carr.

So outside of Cameron Smith, admittedly a big loss, well a huge loss, and of course Tino Fa'asuamaleaui leaves for the Gold Coast as well, otherwise the Storm look fairly stable.

Sure they're going to miss the leadership of Smith, not just the stuff he does on the field but I think they've got enough leaders in that group now to shoulder the load.

That's of course presuming that Cameron Smith is not returning to Melbourne - we're all still none the wiser on that just yet!

They look good again in 2021, in fact they're just too good.

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