Get out of the way refs

How good would it have been if the Warriors had of beaten Parra? I think just about everyone, outside of the blue and yellow faithful wanted that result.

Well, them and referee Grant Atkins who provided arguably the shittest call of all-time in sending Warriors lock Jazz Tevaga to the sin bin for 10 minutes.

His crime? A push to the face, with jersey in hand, to Parramatta's Nathan Brown.

Warriors coach Todd Payten was rightfully upset and bemused by the call. No doubt he'll cop a fine, will Atkins receive any punishment?

The Eels scored whilst Tevaga was sitting down, Blake Ferguson breaking his try scoring drought and giving the Eels a commanding lead.

The Warriors, as they have done all year, well they fought hard. Chanel Harris-Tavita scoring two tries in the space of as many minutes just prior to half-time.

Entertaining, the Warriors traded blows with the Eels right up until the final whistle. The loss, all but bringing to an end their 2020 campaign.

Admittedly, the Warriors turned the ball over too much, they could have been better. But let's focus on the sin-binning.

The legend that is Andrew Voss labelled it the worst he's seen, I agree. Obviously times have changed but I miss the old rugby league, if Tevaga had of done that a decade ago, he would have been labelled as soft, he should have hit (pushed) him harder.

What about Chad Townsend on Friday night, now was that a send off?

It looked theatrical and Kalyn Ponga certainly got bent backwards, but jeez, it was reckless for sure, but I don't think it deserved a send off. Maybe that one gets a sin-binning, 10 minutes is probably fair enough, but to miss the rest of the game?

Player safety is paramount, but in reality, in both of these examples, player safety hasn't been compromised all that much.

As we draw closer to the finals, these referees need a clear message to get the hell out of the way. Ben Cummins copped enough after last year's grand final, need I remind Raiders fans? Let's hope that this year's finals series is not about the men in yellow or pink, or whatever they may be wearing.

Reality is, we've got three quality teams fighting it out. Penrith, Melbourne and Sydney City. It is going to be a cracking finals series, Roosters are rightfully favourites at $3.50.


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