Gang of Youths should headline the AFL Grand Final

To the best of my knowledge, the AFL has only confirmed that the Gabba will host the 2020 Grand Final. But at this stage, there hasn't been anything confirmed in the way of pre-game entertainment.

A few names have been thrown including the local favourites, Powderfinger. But Bernard and the rest of the Fingers boys appear to have ruled out making a return, whilst the public support for Meatloaf is understandably quite muted.

With that considered, I'm happy to start this an online petition.

In 2018, the NRL Grand Final was headlined by Sydney band, Gang of Youths.

To put it simply, they were f'ing brilliant.

In researching this, I went to the official Gang of Youths website and as you would expect with COVID ruling the world, they have no upcoming events.

Prior to the global pandemic, or China Virus as the American President refers to it as, Gang of Youths were touring the States, selling out shows left, right and centre.

These guys absolutely rock. Think songs like Deepest Sighs, The Frankest Shadows, Let Me Down Easy, The Heart is a Muscle. BANGERS!

My suggestion to Gil McLachlan and the big wigs at the AFL, get these guys a 15 minute spot, 3 of their classic tracks and they can throw in one of their newbies at the start for some promotion.

Yes, they'll have to quarantine, but jeez it'll be worth it. I get it, the AFL are probably on the phone to Paul Kelly or Mark Seymour right now, granted they are good options but they've had their turn. Give us something new.

Gang of Youths, 24th October @ the Gabba, make it happen Gil!

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