Fuck off Novak

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Just about had enough of this bloke.

Yesterday the verbal stoush between Novak Djokovic and Nick Kyrgios continued with the world #1 telling the media he didn't have any respect for Nick Krygios off the court.

On the court, he thinks he's talented and has respect for him - off the court - not so much.

If anything, wouldn't it be the other way around?

I think even Kyrgios himself would admit that his on-court antics might sometimes be a bit silly - so you'd forgive any of his opponents not having full respect.

But off the court - pump the farken brake please Novak.

If there's one thing that emerged in 2020 - it was that whilst Nick Kyrgios might be John McEnroe 2.0 on the court - but off the court it is very much a different story.

It feels like a decade ago - but remember the bushfires happened.

What did Nick do?

He raised money, he donated his own and he really was the catalyst for a wave of generosity from not only the sporting community, but the wider community.

That was really cool.

Then during the pandemic, yes that thing that seemingly effected everyone except Novak Djokovic, it was Nick that was measured and patient in his approach and perspective.

In fact, Kyrgios drove around in his own car and dropped food off for people that needed it while everything was going on.

If you don't respect that - then you're made of different stuff.

So Novak - just shut your pie hole will you, if someone asks you about Nick again - either say 'no comment' or stop talking dribble.

They're the two options.

If both of these blokes kept on winning, they would meet in the semi-final - wouldn't that just be box office stuff.

Australian Open organisers will be praying that's the case - there would be upwards of 2.5m people tune in to that one in Australia alone.

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