Friday 19th March 2021, Big Brother vs Little Brother

Alrighty then.

I think it's 112 sleeps until Friday 19th March 2021.

Why's that important?

Because that's Round 2 of the NRL for season 2021 and the Broncos travel down the M1 to take on the Titans.

Holy shit!

I just Google'd it, the capacity for CBUS Stadium on the coast is 27,400. You reckon there will be a spare seat in the house?


In Round 1, the Broncos play everyone's least favourite team, Parramatta. Notoriously strong starters to the season, the Eels will be tough to beat but with a rowdy Suncorp Stadium cheering on Kevvie in his first game, there might be a bit of a fairytale in that one for the Broncos.

The Titans? Well COVID might dictate what happens but their Round 1 game is @ Mt Smart Stadium in New Zealand.

Perhaps both teams start with a win!?

Regardless, the storylines on March 19 2021 will be nothing short of excellent!

Payne Haas versus Tino Fa'asuamaleaui. That'll be worth the price of admission alone, although they didn't really get into it in Origin 3, I would have like to seen a bit more knuckle.

Big Dave Fifita against his old team, there seemed to be more backflipping from Fifita during the contract talk then an olympic diving team, perhaps that was just the media getting it wrong.

No doubt he'll be keen to demonstrate his worth to his new employers against his old club.

The Broncos, the big brother versus the little brother, the Titans. The little brother beat up on the big brother last year.

Imagine if somehow you throw Cameron Smith into the mix?

You'd think if anything, he'll be joining the Titans if he plays on.

So here's what I am going to do on March 19 next year, I am going to head to the beach early to work on my tan, grab a nice pub meal and a few beers, maybe at the Burleigh Pavilion where all the cool people go, and then after say 10-12 beers, I'll Uber across to CBUS Stadium and watch this cracker of a match.

I'm already f#cken pumped for this one!

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