For once, India should not get their own way

We all know that the Indian cricket board has big power in world cricket, but it’s time Australia sets an example and says enough is enough.

Australia are the rule makers now.

The Covid outbreaks in Sydney have forced there to be some changes.

It’s unfortunate, but necessary.

The Australian team seem to be ready to go to Brisbane, even if that involves following slightly tougher restrictions.

While their fellow countrymen and women in the most part are freely able to go about their lives, the national cricket team are still happy to make some sacrifices in order for this series to go ahead.

Instead of spending a few days at Christmas with his wife, Steve Smith only spent a few hours with her.

Meantime, some Indian players are blatantly not following the rules.

Yes, they can go to a restaurant if they want to, but they have to eat outside, and wear a mask if they go indoors to order food.

It’s not difficult.

The irony of the sook that India have had about potentially having tougher restrictions for the Brisbane Test is that if Australia were touring India, they would be confined more or less to the hotel and the cricket ground.

It’s almost as if some Indian players are treating the current tour of Australia as a holiday before they return to stricter measures for England’s tour of India next month.

That’s not how this is going to work.

Of course it’s a tough time for cricketers at the moment with all the restrictions required for games to go ahead, but it has to be a case of all for one, and one for all.

It’s not fair otherwise.

England have brought a psychologist with them on their tour of Sri Lanka, and they’ll probably have one on the tour of India too, because they know how tough life inside the bubble is going to be for many players.

The least India could do is follow the biosecurity measures set out for them by Cricket Australia, first and foremost, and do whatever is necessary for the tour to continue, as dictated by what was agreed between the two sides before the tour started.

India already got the one-dayers moved to the start of the tour, which is why The Gabba had its Test moved to mid-January.

They’ve had enough of a say, now it’s time for the Queensland government to decide what’s going to happen.

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