F#ck you Dustin Johnson, p.s. you're awesome.

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Bare with me.

This guy just seems to have everything.

Literally, everything.

He's the World Number #1 golfer, his last 10 or so starts have been nothing short of phenomenal, including the Tour Championship victory and then The Masters.

In 2020, he's made probably something around $25m.

Not a bad return, that'd just be in prize money too, he'd have other endorsements coming in just to beefen up the bank account.

But that's not it, oh no.

Greeting him on the 18th green after he tapped in for his 5 shot win @ The Masters was his fiance', Paulina Gretzky.

Yeah, that was that really hot blonde that came running on to the green to give her man a big hug and a kiss.

What about the outfit she was wearing, my goodness.

That name sound familar? Gretzky.

For the uneducated, Paulina is the daughter of the great Wayne Gretzky. She's a bit of a celebrity in her own right.

For instance, I like to follow her on Instagram. It's a one of my better follows if I am telling you the truth.

So DJ, that son of a bitch, is dating a really hot bird, who is the daughter of a legend and he's winning every tournament he plays in, or just about anyways. It probably doesn't get any better for him really?

You'd be a brave man to bet against him wherever he tees it up next, no doubt he and Paulina are going to celebrate this one for a while but.

Lucky bastard.

I want to be Dustin Johnson.

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